For the Awesomely Bad Shark Movie Nerds:  A Resource Hub for Fable House Shark Movies

The niche of bombastic summer shark movies is a massive aquarium of content, like a Sea World for movies about bombastic man-eaters in Santa hats. There’s no map to this universe, other than the casual B-movie diver knowing they need to swim their way in the direction of the SyFy Channel.

The primary catalyst for artful B movies that you enjoy bingeing with a bag of Combos and a gallon of Mountain Dew is the Fable House Production Company. What A24 Films is to gritty indie dramas, Fable House Production is to B shark movies. Fable House is a team of creatives behind many of the best terrible shark movies, driven by the directorial prowess of Misty Talley. She was the first female director of a SyFy original flick, and the creative heartbeat behind “Santa Jaws”, “Zombie Shark” (also known as “Shark Island”), and “Ozark Sharks”

If you’re into summer shark movie binges and not sure where to start, this is your home for all the shark music videos, podcast interviews, movie kill counts—all the best fan-related content is aggregated here for the hardcore B shark movie fan.



Santa Jaws is the classic Christmas tale of an alienated angsty teen who must face off against a bad-ass Santa shark after it annihilates his family. Just think Jaws if the Jaws shark made a 90-minute cameo in Home Alone.


The “Santa Jaws” Music Video by Floshark

You know a genre has a cult following when a Youtube channel called Floshark goes all out and produces a pile of extravagant shark movie music videos. The channel has 120,000 subscribers and the “Santa Jaws” video has 670,000 views.


The “Santa Jaws” Carnage Count

A couple of different “Santa Jaws” kill counts exist on Youtube, but the version released by Carnage Classics in 2020 is the most recent and comprehensive. If you’re a morbid fiend for shark death, enjoy the kills.


7-year-old Interviews Director Misty Talley on CadaverCast Podcast’s 100th Episode

CadaverDad and his 7-year-old son interview director Misty Talley on her creative process, what got her into monster movies, and their favorite parts of “Santa Jaws”. The first instinct might be to think it’s cute, but the young interviewer poses pointed questions with an impressive degree of depth and preparation.


We Saw the Devil: True Crime Podcast Interviews Misty Talley

Listen to "Interview w/Misty Talley (Director of SANTA JAWS & More)" on Spreaker.

The We Saw the Devil” crew gushes about their love for shark movie t-shirts and why “Santa Jaws” needs a sequel. Director Misty Talley joins the interview and discusses the shark movie pitching process, the trending proliferation of shark movie themes, and the difficult creative transition to producing Christmas movies that don’t involve sharks. 


Bloody Disgusting Reviews “Santa Jaws” and the Comments Section Chimes In

santa jaws

Bloody Disgusting brands itself as “Your #1 source for all things horror” with a television channel and over 20 million annual page views. They took the time to review “Santa Jaws” and the comments did not disappoint. The review takes the stance that “Santa Jaws” is better than other shark movies and the comments section was strongly opinionated, with one viewer calling it a surprisingly entertaining mash-up of “Jersey Shore” and “Sharknado”.



ozark sharks

You’d think the backwater lakes of Arkansas would be free of bull sharks but, it’s weird how nature works, isn’t it? A girl’s idyllic family romp in the woods goes awry when she has to fend off some angsty bull sharks riled up by these belligerent summer swimmers. Spears and crossbows make plenty of appearances, and of course, the “crotchety old store owner who knows”.


Horror Show Host Youtube Channel Compiles the “Ozark Sharks” Body Count

I’m not going to spoil all the campy deaths for you, but the Horror Show Host Youtube channel will. The body count pales in comparison to some of its shark movie kin, but you still get to see enough heads bitten off and floating limbs to sate your B movie bloodlust.


Bubblebath & Beyond Goes Deep on the “Ozark Sharks” Analysis

Jay Bond and John Lyle break down what they liked and didn’t like about “Ozark Sharks” in their “Bloodbath and Beyond” segment, checking off all the shark movie expectations: girls in bikinis, awesome weapons, and people dying in shallow water.


Could Bull Sharks Actually Swim Upriver and Kill Humans?

bull shark in midwest

Okay, so it’s not a direct allusion to “Ozark Sharks” the movie, but it’s a fascinating read and completely turns upside down the idea that “Ozark Sharks” is being ridiculous by having sharks swim to Arkansas. Meateater, the well-known hunting show and brand developed by Steven Rinella, analyzes whether bull sharks could conceivably swim up the Mississippi River and create new habitats. The answer is yes, it could totally happen. Gives a Serious, Studious Review of “Ozark Sharks”

It’s rare to find an almost academic-level review about a Fable House B shark movie, but here it is. Nathan Wyckoff of provides a meticulous breakdown of the characterization, tone, and direction of “Ozark Sharks”.



“Zombie Shark”, also released as “Shark Island”, leans hard into the premise of a group of youthful vacationers getting picked off one by one. Thanks to those silly scientists and their experiments, zombie sharks have escaped from a secret facility and basically have rabies. Think Jaws” meets “Zombieland” meets “Old Yeller”.


The “Zombie Shark” Carnage Count

The kill count in “Zombie Shark” is impressively over-the-top. Shotgun blasts to the head, humans with bloody stumps for limbs—basically all the things you shouldn’t show a 4-year-old right before bed. Carnage Classics adds them all up. 


Bloodbath and Beyond Breaks Down Their Likes and Dislikes

The guys with the “Bloodbath & Beyond” segment analyze all the best and worst with blunt honesty, from their commentary on the bikini-clad Becky Andrews versus their issue with “Zombie Shark” taking itself too seriously as a dramatic shark movie.


Youtube Creator JackJack Makes a Zombie Shark Diorama in a Swimming Pool

This might be the coolest and most dedicated thing anyone has done in homage to a zombie shark. It’s not in direct praise of the “Zombie Shark” film, but any fan of the shark movie genre will love to see how JackJack nails the portrayal of a real-life zombie shark using molding clay and craft supplies, along with a deft and talented paintbrush. The result is a zombie shark with a private swimming pool created completely from scratch, and a lingering feeling of shame that you aren’t spending your hours being this productive.


I Hope You Suffer Podcast Covers Zombie Shark with Guests from the Girl, That’s Scary Podcast

I Hope You Suffer discusses awesome B movies with a style of deadpan snark paired with a thorough breakdown. The team discusses their affinity for Misty Talley, Cassie Steele, and all the SyFy shark movies for being “extra stupid and fun”. In this episode, they ponder on the physical look of the zombie sharks, and Misty Talley’s gravitation towards adding dramatic elements to her shark movies.


The Fable House Flicks: A Foundation in Summer Shark Movie Stardom

The cult movie appeal, the comedy, the weaponry—these films serve as foundational examples of what makes a bad shark movie great. So, when you find yourself suddenly a growing fan hungry for more, remember there’s a wealth of fan-produced content for you to explore. To develop a well-rounded B shark movie palette, the B shark movie connoisseur must be just like the sharks: Taste everything.


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